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Fix Email Outages with Bigpond Mail: Importing From Other Email Addresses

Sometimes you import email messages from other accounts and come across glitches while finding them in your Telstra mailbox. In such situations, the users are left wondering what should they exactly do fix this. Well, to your convenience, we have listed some basic troubleshooting steps to fix this issue of the invisibility of imported messages. For more information and guidance related to your account, you may dial us up at the Bigpond helpline number. We have a team of experts at your service, who will not only fix the bugs with the platform but will also guide you with the most effective tips to manage your handle and get the most of the services.

Find Missing Imported Emails in Your Telstra Mailbox

The first thing that you should do is to check for those missing messages in the conversation thread; this can be done by expanding your inbox and full-viewing the conversations Next, check what is the acceptable sending size of the particular email operator; most of the inboxes cannot import more than 150MB of attachments at once Further, reset your handle settings and check whether the email does actually get appeared or not You can also check for the copes that are saved for imported messages in the settings section; it is possible that the particular email that you are looking for got deleted before the import process. Finally, you may contact the support team to fix it for you We hope that by following the above steps you could easily find your way through getting the imported mails displayed in your folders. However, for all other information regarding your account, you may simply ring us up at the Bigpond Support Number. We have a team of professionals at your service to guide you with the best solutions for any outages in the networks. Therefore, don’t hesitate and let the experts handle the issues.