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How to fix Telstra Bigpond email not working

Bigpond Email service is part of the Telstra Telecommunications group from Australia. Customers who have sent valuable feedback on their Bigpond email services have desired for upgraded features and better functionalities in the email services.

Telstra has been very proactive about getting more advanced features based on the feedback received from its loyal customer group.

Now it has more storage space, spam-related securities, and better compatibility across various devices commonly used by people of Australia.

But then issues are not uncommon in Bigpond Telstra accounts. So, we will tell you some of the usual tricks that you should have up your sleeves to do better when you face troubles like ” Bigpond account not working.” There are also some more related problems like losing access to your Bigpond email account and facing technical problems with Non-Telstra email accounts while working with Bigpond.

What to do if you find your Telstra Bigpond account not working in Outlook?

It turns out to be frustrating if one fine morning you wake up to find your Bigpond account not working in your Outlook. Thankfully Telstra has come up with a fantastic troubleshooting tool. With this, you can rectify your Bigpond account problems in Outlook. Nevertheless, we will always tell you how to get it done manually as well.

When using Outlook, you should keep in mind the following things like your account type is IMAP type, and the incoming IMAP server is IMAP-mail.outlook.com. If you find that the set up for the IMAP account is not working, you must try it with your POP account.

• Now visit the Outlook.com site.
• Access your Bigpond email by logging in
• You can find in blue stripe, the Settings Cog
• You must click on that
• Under the header “Managing your accounts” select options
• Now you need to choose the option “connect your devices and Apps with POP.”
• Then you get the chance to enable your POP and to save it.

Since different settings are shown on the page of Bigpond, you can try the below configuration for Bigpond in Outlook.

• Type of Account: POP
• Incoming IMAP server: pop3.live.com
• Incoming IMAP mail: port 995, or you can also try 993
• Outgoing SMTP server: smtp-mail.outlook.com
• Outgoing SMTP Port: 587 or 25, 465 with TLS or SSL depending on the encryption of your app for email
• Incoming uses SSL: on (required)
• Outgoing uses SSL: on (required)
• Authentication outgoing server (SMTP)
• authentication: same as an incoming mail server

If you are still struggling to make your Bigpond email work after executing the above steps, getting in touch with the tech support team of Bigpond will help you get sorted.

How to change password in my Bigpond Telstra email account?

Whether you wish to change your password because of security reasons or forgot your password and now wish to reset a new one, our below mentioned steps would prove handy for your password resetting.

• It would help if you had your username ready and your birthdates for resetting your password.
• You also need to update your reset password in your modem.
• In case you are using a non-Telstra email program like Outlook, then you are expected to change your password accordingly over there as well.

Now we show you how to reset forgotten Bigpond email password with the help of the Marketplace.

• Now visit the marketplace.telstra.com homepage.
• Click on login
• Next, select the “Forgot password.”
• Enter the email with which you access Marketplace.
• Click on the button, “Send an email.”
• You will now receive a link on the referred email id.
• Click on the” reset password” button in the email.
• A new window will open in your browser with the option to reset your password.
• Reset your password successfully with the help of this link.
• After resetting your password, you will receive a confirmation email from the Telstra app marketplace team.
• It will inform you about the successful change of your password.

So, the above ways summarize the procedures of regaining access to your account once, if in case you forget your password.

Bigpond is a trusted email service in Australia. The users of Bigpond are spread far and wide due to its superior services and the powerful brand name of Telstra Telecommunications.

We hope the above page will help you solve the problems mentioned above independently, without needing to get in touch with the technical support team of Telstra.